There are substantial differences between CBD oil and the more common hemp oil. CBD oil and hemp oil have different compositions, basically this is due to the fact that they are extracted from different plant varieties (but all belonging to Cannabis sativa) and that specific parts are used to make the 'one rather than the other. Hemp is obtained from cannabis seeds while CBD is obtained from the flowers of cannabis plants and therefore has a greater therapeutic effect. However, the point also lies in the fact that cannabis species can be grown in such a way that they contain more or less cannabinoids and this favors different uses of the same plant. As the health benefits of CBD are being discovered more and more frequently, cannabis strains are selected in such a way that they contain high concentrations of CBD rather than THC. CBD oil is obtained precisely from the flowers of cannabis varieties that contain high doses of CBD. The most used methods to extract it use CO2 or alcohol.

Cold Pressed Sativa Hemp Seed Oil


Obtained from the cold pressing of Cannabis sativa seeds, hemp oil is a vegetable oil rich in essential fatty acids with strong antioxidant, immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory properties, currently the subject of scientific studies and research.

Hemp seed oil is known for its optimal balance between omega-3 and omega-6: no one else in nature is able to guarantee a 3: 1 ratio, a ratio recommended by all medical research. This, in fact, is the main difference between hemp seed oil and other oils used in the beauty sector and physiotherapy. Hemp oil also contains significant quantities of amino acids, essential for the proper functioning of the body; numerous vitamins, including A, E, B1, B2, PP, C; mineral salts such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus; phytosterols and cannabinoids (especially CBD, Cannabidiol) which according to the most recent medical and scientific findings have an important modulation function with regard to the immune system and cognitive functions.


The preparations based on Hemp Sativa oil are excellent anti-aging, nourishing, firming and protective. Thanks to its easy absorption, this oil is exceptional for the intensive and regenerating care of the whole body. Given its very powerful anti-inflammatory action, this oil is excellent for many skin problems such as: psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, mycosis, irritation from allergies, dry dermatitis and for all localized inflammations or irritations. It can also improve the condition of acne-affected skin. In addition to taking it by mouth, it can also be applied directly to the area to be treated to reduce itching and inflammation. Also effective for the treatment of nail fungus (onychomycosis). The vitamin complex of Hemp oil, and the proteins of which it is rich, progressively improve the condition of the skin and nails, supporting the natural metabolic functions and the healthy balance epidermis.


10% CBD Sativa Hemp Oil


CBD is one of several compounds, known as cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant. The oils that contain this substance are known as CBD oils but the concentration of the active ingredient can be variable and consequently the product can lend itself to different uses. Don't get confused with THC, tetrahydrdcannabinol delta-9, the most active ingredient in marijuana that has a very different effect than CBD. While the former, when taken, alters the mind, the latter is not psychoactive, this means that it does not change the person's mental state. However, it seems to produce significant changes in the organism and for this reason it is attributed various properties.


Since CBD actively acts on the body, the oil that contains it has many potential benefits for our health and beauty care. Here are the main properties of this natural product:

CBD has been shown to effectively reduce the inflammatory response of the skin, especially in those damaged areas of the epidermis. CBD is increasingly used in the formulation of new topically applied products and food supplements. CBD is showing us its incredible nourishing properties for the skin also through its ability to stimulate cell growth and differentiation. Its action as an antioxidant surpasses the other compounds normally used in other products and, today, it is widely exploited to formulate new anti-aging creams.

For those with certain skin problems, CBD has the ability to encourage more efficient cell differentiation. The main problem of skin disorders related to acne vulgaris is the excessive production of sebum by the skin.


According to a recent study, CBD delivers

a "trinity of cellular anti-acne actions", including its ability to reduce sebum production. Basically, the antiproliferative nature of CBD on sebocytes helps to eliminate the production of lipids and, therefore, to limit the overproduction of sebum. Thanks to the growing number of

Studies on the effectiveness of CBD in skin care, today we know for sure that this cannabinoid has the ability to treat various skin diseases. It is too early to say whether CBD will soon be used in clinical therapies to heal the skin, but so far there are enough clues to say that cannabidiol can be very beneficial for our skin.