Bungalow Dog Kennel

SKU: 0207001014

Doghouse in two different sizes, made with top quality materials.

Available colours: Beige Green 
Available sizes: 89x75x62h 110x94x77

Total: €74.63 Save -25% €99.50


·      Plastic doghouse in resin with removable base to allow a more comfortable cleaning and adjustable roof in two position for a better airy.
Easy and fast to assemble without tools thanks to the simple joint system.  

·      The Doghouse Bungalow is a real and true house. The rattan decorations of the walls make it perfect for every location.

·      Removable base with wheels to make cleaning inside easier.

·      Thanks to the bilateral support, it is possible to raise and lower the roof in two positions.

·      Available in green and beige. Made of raw materials of first selections, 100% recyclable and added with anti UV not to fade under the sun.