Immuny Puppy Fish

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Product rich in fish, for puppies and females in gestation and lactation.

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A complete and balanced food, designed to promote correct development in puppies and to meet the high nutritional demands of bitches at the end of pregnancy and during lactation.


• Unique animal protein 100% originating from fine North Sea fish

• Optimal ratio between Omega 3 and Omega 6 that helps the correct functioning of the reproductive system and contributes to the development of the nervous system of the foetus

• Yoghurt in powder form for the correct development of bacterial flora

• Folic acid to promote the correct development of the foetus, allowing an ideal pregnancy

• Vitamin C for the anti-oxidant action

• IMMUNY system complex to help strengthen immune defences


Fish (37%), extruded maize, animal fat, extruded rice (5%), maize protein concentrate, flax oil (1%) natural source of Omega 3 and 6, minerals, carob flour, brewer’s yeast cell walls (MOS), cellulose, yucca schidigera, yoghurt (0.10%).

Istructions for use:

PUPPIES: serve moistened in four daily meals, following the daily doses shown in the table from weaning until full development (about 8/10 months). For molossoid breeds, whose growth continues for up to about 18 months, administer Podium Puppy Fish for the first 3 months after weaning, and then continue with Podium Adult Fish until full development.

BITCHES: serve dry (or moistened in water or broth) in several daily meals following the approximate doses shown in the table from one month before giving birth up to one month after the puppies have been weaned. Always leave fresh and clean water available to your pets. Store in a cool and dry place.

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