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Dermapro Pet Protective Cream 30 ml

SKU: 0301003968

Dermapro Pets Protective Cream 30 ml is a protective cream against fungi and fungi for the skin and nails.

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Vegetable balm based on cold pressed Hemp Sativa seed oil, indicated for itching and insect bites with a strong protective action against fungi and mycosis, nourishes and normalizes the nails. 

With a soft and fragrant texture, it contains a high concentration of essential fatty acids, excellent nutrients, elasticizing and protective. La Malaleuca (Tea Tree), to ensure maximum protective action against fungi and mycosis of the skin and nails of our friends. 

Dermapro Pets® Cream also contains Allantoin and Shea Butter which have a moisturizing, nourishing and refreshing action and Salicylic Acid which gives structure and strength to the nails.

Tips for use:

Apply with a disposable glove, an appropriate dose to the area to be treated and massage for one minute until completely absorbed.

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