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CANAPRO® protective polyvinyl mass

SKU: 0301006968

CANAPRO is a ready-to-use liquid patch that helps in the treatment of corns, fissures, fissures and cracks.

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CANAPRO is a unique product with multiple uses made with an exclusive blend of essential oils combined with Polyvinyl glue, which guarantees a gradual release of the active ingredients and at the same time total and lasting protection.

CANAPRO is a polyvinyl mass, that is, a liquid patch ready to use adjuvant in the treatment of calluses, fissures, fissures and cracks. Its original formula enriched with Hemp Sativa oil, Garlic and Tea Tree Oil, creates an environment that promotes healing and counteracts the onset of inflammation, fungi or mycosis.

CANAPRO is applied with a spatula directly on the area to be treated where it forms a protective film capable of isolating from external aggressions on all the treated parts, after a few minutes.

With its unique consistency, it is applied at the end of each treatment as a protector, filler and brace in areas subject to continuous pressure. Its graduated release formulation allows Hemp Sativa oil, Garlic, Tea tree oil and any other oil contained, to perform their functions for a long time, guaranteeing excellent results.